Enterprise Grade Project
Time Tracking

  • Track time spent on Project and tasks
  • Use with Projects or as a Standalone Time Tracking Tool
  • Support for Overtime hours
  • Calculate Labor Costs
  • Manage Scope and Requirements
  • Workflow based Time Approval
  • Retro Adjustments
  • Workflow based Time Approval
  • Export to Excel and PDF
  • 360º degree view for Project Manage

Easy to Use Time Entry Page

  • Enter time with clicks of a mouse
  • Keyboard free entry
  • Designed to minimize typing and save time
  • Workflow based submission and approval

Interactive Calendar View

  • Access all your month's time from a single place
  • Manage Project Budgets

Clean and Clutter Free User Interface

  • Enter time with few clicks of a mouse
  • Virtually Keyboard less time entry
  • Enter time for Project and Tasks
  • Support for Indirect Tasks
  • Support for Overtime hours on a Project
  • Retro adjustments
  • Enter multiple time slots for a given day

Activity Dashboard

  • State of the art Time Entry Dashboards
  • Ideal for Project Managers and Supervisors
  • Access all your time sheets from one place
  • Run Time Entry data intelligence using built in Pivots
  • Hours breakdown by Projects, Tasks, Resources

Approval Workbench

  • Approval workbench for Project Managers & Supervisors
  • Approve or Reject Time Entries submitted.
  • Review and enter comments
  • View system generated audit logs of change history

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