Choose a 2-in-1 Project and time-tracking bundle for better business needs

Project and time-tracking plans combine two essential functions into a single software solution, allowing businesses and professionals to manage projects while monitoring and recording the time spent on tasks.

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Project and time-tracking bundles are often user-friendly and straightforward, making them accessible to individuals and small teams with limited project management experience.


They tend to be more cost-effective than comprehensive project management software, which can benefit freelancers and small businesses with budget constraints.

Focused Features: 

These bundles are designed for time tracking and may offer features like invoicing and expense tracking, essential for professionals who bill clients based on hours worked.

Limited Project Management: 

While they may offer essential project management features like task lists and project organization, their main emphasis is on time tracking, not comprehensive project planning and execution.

Client Billing: 

Time-tracking software bundles are often used for client billing purposes, making it easier to invoice clients accurately based on billable hours.

Built for All:

They are typically more straightforward and user-friendly, which makes them suitable for freelancers, independent contractors, or small businesses with more straightforward project management needs.

2 in 1 Plan to assist in managing projects that serve distinct purposes and offer varying levels of functionality

The popularity of project and time tracking bundles is driven by their ability to meet the needs of professionals and small businesses who prioritize time tracking and client billing over extensive project management capabilities.

Consulting Firms:

Consulting companies rely on project and time-tracking software to track hours spent on client projects, manage consultant workloads, and bill clients accurately.

Legal Firms:

Law firms utilize time-tracking tools to record billable hours for client work, generate accurate invoices, and monitor case progress.

Large Enterprises:

Large corporations employ project and time-tracking software to monitor progress on multiple projects. This helps optimize resource allocation and improve overall project management.

Creative Agencies:

Advertising, marketing, and design agencies use time-tracking software to manage client projects, track billable hours, and ensure project profitability.

Healthcare Providers:

Healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses, can use time-tracking software to record patient consultations and procedures for billing purposes.

Educational Institutions:

Schools, colleges, and even universities may use time-tracking software to monitor faculty work hours, track student attendance, and manage administrative tasks efficiently.

Software Development Teams:

Development teams use time-tracking tools to record hours spent on coding, testing, and debugging, helping them estimate future project timelines more accurately.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs):

SMBs often use project and time tracking software to manage their projects, track employee time, and allocate resources efficiently.

Nonprofit Organizations:

Nonprofits use project and time tracking software to track volunteer hours, manage grant-funded projects, and ensure transparency in resource allocation.

Construction and Field Services:

Construction companies and field service providers use these tools to monitor employee hours, track project progress, and improve workforce management.

Remote and Distributed Teams:

Teams working from various locations or remotely benefit from time-tracking software to monitor productivity, maintain accountability, and assess the efficiency of remote work arrangements.

Freelancers and Independent Contractors:

Freelancers in fields like web development, design, writing, and consulting use time-tracking software to monitor hours worked on client projects and accurately bill clients.

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Simple, collaborative task management for teams
$ 12.99 Billed Yearly
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  • Our most popular package in one low price
  • Project Cloud
  • Time Tracking
  • Attendance Tracking


Simple, collaborative task management for teams monthly
$ 19.99 Billed Monthly
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  • Our most popular package in one low price
  • Project Cloud
  • Time Tracking
  • Attendance Tracking

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