The best platform for Project Managers

  • AI driven Project Performance Reporting
  • Cloud based Project Management
  • Get built in intelligence through industry standard KPI such as Cost Variance, Schedule Variance, Estimate to Complete, Budget at Completion and much more
  • Stakeholders Management
  • Manage all aspects of your Projects
  • Manage Scope and Requirements
  • Access your project data anywhere, at any time, with cloud based project management software
  • Achieve exceptional performance through measurable Project Performance Metrics
  • Risks Management
  • Manage Schedules
  • Upload Project Documents
  • Track Labor & Non Labor Costs
  • AI Driven Performance Reporting
  • Track Project Budgets
  • Manage Tasks

Feature Rich Project Dashboard

  • Manage all your projects from one place
  • Get real time status information on Projects
  • Share Projects, View WBS, get 360º degree view

Efficiency, Productivity and Stakeholder Management

  • Stakeholders Collaboration
  • Manage Project Budgets
  • Manage Task Breakdown Structure
  • Manage Project Resources
  • Manage Project Requirements
  • Resource and Task Allocations
  • Risks Management
  • Manage all Projects documents from one place
  • Run performance analytics
  • Built in Performance AI engine to track progress

Import Project from External Sources

  • Import Projects from Microsoft Projects or Excel
  • Automated data entry

Keep in touch with your Teams

  • Project Collaboration from one place
  • Manage project wise communication and announcements
  • Easy to use, simple communication tools for Project Managers

Information Rich
Project Audit Logs

    • System generated audit logs
    • Detail activity trail
    • Designed to introduce transparency
    • Great quick, on the go status updates for Project Managers





State of the art
Status updates

    • Share project progress with anyone
    • No sign on access required
    • ideal for executive reporting, stakeholder updates





Team Availability

    • Team members can record time off
    • Resource planning tool for Project Managers
    • Optionally adjust project schedule based on team availability





Project WBS

    • Visual Project Work Break Down Structure
    • Also a one page PM workbench.
    • Get task progress, view task assignments
    • View costs and key performance indicators





Built In Risks Management

  • Manage various types of Risks
  • Record Project Risks
  • Document and Assign Risk Response Strategy
  • Assign Risk to team members and tasks

Project Document Repository

  • Upload and Maintain all your Project Documents in one place
  • Maintain project wise repository

Team Members Workbench

  • Comprehensive, feature rich workbench
  • Update project completion, status update
  • Manage tasks assigned to each team member
  • integrated with time keeping and attendance cloud

Manage Project Costs

  • Track Labor and Non Labor Costs
  • Built in Performance analytics
  • View industry standard performance metrics
  • Decision Support Tool for Project Managers

Project Task Kanban

  • Interactive Kanban to track tasks status
  • Visual view of overall progress on Project Tasks

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