Introducing Attendance Tracking Cloud

Manage and schedule Work Shifts and track attendance of your employees in work shift hours.

  • Daily Clock In & Clock Out.
  • Track Break and Meal times separately
  • Compliant with all 50 states.
  • Employee Scheduling
  • FMLA and PTO Reporting
  • Geo Fencing to prevent buddy punching
  • Missed Time Reporting
  • FLSA Compliance
  • Duration based shift hours for Exempt employees

Automate Employee Tracking with Attendance Management Software

It is no hidden fact that tracking and managing employees' attendance is essential to achieve goals within the determined timeline. The absence of a workforce can lead to delays.

Organizations require significant time to find an equally skilled substitute for the long-stretched absence of employees. Handwritten attendance sheets are very time-consuming and prone to errors.

While Excel sheets have long replaced the old handwritten attendance method, the latter has failed to bring major changes.

An automated attendance management system updates the record daily without any human interference. Furthermore, the use of the attendance system has numerous benefits. Instead, it uses the monthly and yearly data to calculate payrolls after deducting leaves taken.

It even allows the employees to apply for any type of leave and update the authorities for final approval. The entire attendance system is automated via integration with other sensors and tracking devices.

Nowadays, the majority of businesses are using time attendance systems to maintain records of employees' daily attendance and total working hours. Even schools and other organizations are adopting new and automatic time attendance systems.

Get a brief idea of how the attendance management software automates the entire process and evaluate the reliability of the software.

  1. Attendance management systems ask employees to register with their basic details to create individual tracking IDs in the database.
  2. The time attendance system further derives daily data from pre-installed biometrics, cards, web-based applications and softwares.
  3. For leaves, the software allows features to inform and request leaves in advance. The specific days mentioned will be marked absent for that employee simultaneously.
  4. Based on the information gathered, daily, monthly and annual reports are prepared for final payrolls. Alternatively, the extra time is recorded for additional payments.
  5. The employee monitoring software also removes and adds the modified data for employees that leave and join the company.

Speed and efficiency are the need of the hour. Hence, the attendance management softwares, by automating tasks, reduces a lot of time wastage. Evermore, the system ensures data security and controlled access to specific authorities for individual employee identity and records.

Clock In and Clock Out Console for all types
Attendance Tracking needs

  • Daily Clock In & Clock Out
  • Ideal for Non-Exempt or Hourly Employee
  • Report Missed Time
  • Separate Tracking for Break Time and Meal Time
  • Geofencing and Buddy Punching Controls
  • Compatible with most Mobile Devices & Tablets

Schedule and Manage Employee Work Schedules, flexible shifts, midnight cross-over shifts

  • Create unlimited Work schedules
  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Intermittent Work Schedules
  • Create once and assign to any employees
  • Scheduled work hours with Actual hours worked analysis

Track working hours based on duration of hours worked

  • Create unlimited Work schedules
  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Intermittent Work Schedules
  • Create once and assign to any employees
  • Scheduled work hours with Actual hours worked analysis

Managers, Approve all time cards from one place

  • Comprehensive Approval Workbench
  • Full visibility to Employee's time cards
  • Missed Time Reporting
  • Feedback loop

Introducing State of the Art Supervisor's workbench

  • Single window to access all time card activities
  • AI driven alerts for unreported absences
  • Manage all time card events from one place
  • Planning tool to plan ahead for Employee Work Schedules

Attendance Tracking Reports

  • Built in Reports for complete visibility
  • Exportable into Excel and PDF formats

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Attendance systems are automated data recording and managing of employees' presence in terms of hours and days.

The employee time tracking systems use other clock-in and clock-out software and applications to maintain attendance data.

Attendance management software is used to maintain and record the working hours and days of team members and students in the organization and calculate the overall benefits and payrolls.


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