Why Your Business Needs An Employee Attendance Tracking Software

Nov 02, 2022
Managing employee attendance and timekeeping is one of the most difficult challenges employers and business owners face. Your employees are your most valuable asset, and keeping accurate records of their working hours, shifts, and leave is critical. Indeed, it can make a significant difference in how your company operates, not to mention improving productivity and efficiency. Previously, employers used a manual system to keep track of their employees' attendance. This resulted in numerous payroll errors and decreased employee productivity and efficiency. However, thanks to technological advancements, it is now easier than ever to keep track of your employees' attendance with the help of Employee Attendance Tracking Software. In this article, we will discuss some of the advantages of implementing an attendance management system in your organization.

The Reasons Business Needs an Employee Attendance Tracking Software

Let's face it- employees can be absent or late sometimes. If your office manager is late because of traffic or your top salesperson has to take time off because of illness, you can't control when these things happen or how much they will affect your business. So, to manage employee attendance, time and attendance software come into play. The following are the reasons that make attendance tracking important for businesses.

Reduce Time Theft

One of the major issues employers face in a company is time theft. Some employees use techniques like buddy punching for attendance without coming to the office, and others waste their time. The most common types of time theft are personal time usage, extended breaks, misuse of sick leaves, and buddy punching. These factors cost thousands of dollars to employers every year. So, to reduce and control time theft, employers' attendance tracking software is the best thing an employer can equip in his business. It can be used by any business that needs to keep track of time and attendance. It also helps managers keep track of employees' attendance accurately against their approved leave and assigned shifts. Thus, employees' time theft is effectively stopped by using time and attendance software, and business productivity increases.

Avoid Payroll Issues

Small business owners may find scheduling shifts and figuring out weekly wages challenging. When time tracking systems are integrated, they automatically record the hours that employees have worked and show which tasks they spend their work hours on. Automating tracking systems eliminate misreporting working hours because humans don't need to enter information. Automatic time tracking allows business owners to keep track of work hours, pay their employees for their work hours, and avoid payroll issues all at once.

Avoid Labor Disputes

Workplace conflict is detrimental to the organization since it decreases employee satisfaction and productivity. According to studies, organizations that practice open, honest communication have less conflict than those that don't. This is why employers must understand what generates conflict in their workplaces to take corrective action. But how does a company go about doing this? Employee scheduling software can help in this situation. This software is used to keep an eye on employees in the office, whether they are working remotely or on-site. It is useful for quickly spotting symptoms of employee dissatisfaction and management concerns.

Manage Work shifts Rotation

When you have to think about the time requests of your employees and try to fill open shifts at the last minute, work shift rotation can be a lot of work. Employee scheduling software plays a vital role in keeping track of employees' time requests, so their shift scheduling is easy and on time. This reduces the amount of guesswork that your human resources department and managers must perform to strike a balance between understaffing and overstaffing.

Make Employee Scheduling Easier

A single employee's absence can turn a small business's morning upside down. Staying organized is even more difficult for large businesses with multiple locations. However, with Employee-Attendance-Tracking-Software, managers can create a schedule in minutes, update it on the fly, and rearrange people. Furthermore, your team will value a schedule that is always up-to-date and accessible from any device.

Compliance with Labor Laws

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, keeping an accurate record of employees' total hours worked is important. Manual time and attendance logging usually results in many errors that can cost your company a lot of money. Keeping inaccurate data is also illegal and can result in lawsuits and fines. However, when you integrate an automatic attendance tracking system, it will ensure that your employees' records are accurate and that you comply with labor laws. The attendance tracking software is primarily intended to generate timesheets to record this data.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Many businesses use manual systems to record employees' working hours. Using such manual systems resulted in numerous issues and errors. Some employees, for example, failed to report their time, while others deliberately gamed the system by logging excessive amounts of time. Employee time tracking software has eliminated such issues and is well-known for its dependability and accuracy in time tracking. Because they collect and log data in real time, there is little to no chance of your employees tampering with the system. Modern systems even allow your employees to clock in early and late and automatically notify you.

Increased Productivity

Manually collecting and keeping attendance information for your employees can make calculating salaries for each employee time-consuming and inconvenient. The manual process is also prone to mistakes, leading to payroll mistakes. You can save a lot of time and effort by using an automated attendance tracking system to keep track of your employees. You can use the time you save to focus on your business and increase productivity. To summarize, employee time tracking software provides several benefits such as visibility into employee productivity, accurate wage calculation, and compliance with labor laws. The best part about this software is that it works with various devices, allowing businesses to pay every employee the correct wages while eliminating the possibility of complaints or misunderstandings. If looking for the best employee attendance tracking software, look no further than Coexsys. From project management to time tracking, attendance tracking, and more, Coexsys offers the best-in-class solutions compliant with labor law.

Remote Workforce Management

An attendance tracking software is an absolute must have tool to track shifts for employees who are working away from the office from remote locations, such as working from home, or working thousands of miles away as digital nomads.  However, managing remote workforce requires careful planning and policy formulation to be effective. Check out the Dos and Don'ts of managing Remote workforce article.

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