The Ultimate Guide to Integrated Project Management in Cloud Computing

Nov 02, 2022
The popularity of Project Management in Cloud Computing has sky-rocketed in the past decade. Around 60% of companies use cloud computing solutions to manage daily affairs and boost productivity.

What Is Cloud-Based Project Management?

Productivity has been the driving force behind Project Management Cloud software. It helps in planning, collaborating, tracking, and executing a project from inception to completion. Using this software helps deliver the project timely within the scope and budget.  Every service and tool you need is available on a single platform. You can access all necessary information, track your progress, estimate the required time, and make changes to your schedule if any. Cloud-based project Management also eliminates the need to juggle separate applications since you can integrate every service and tool into one platform. There is no need to maintain separate data files as you can upload all the data in the cloud software. Hence, it helps you better manage your projects to have superior deliverables within the deadline.

Top Three Project Management Cloud Models

There are three main models for project management in cloud computing- SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

SaaS- Software as a service 

In this model, a third party shares the application software over the internet as a service. A third-party vendor provides these services for a stipulated amount. This subscription includes features such as storage, security, networking, etc. They also offer all the technical support and upkeep maintenance. Also known as on-demand or hosted software, it is undeniably the most accessible and convenient model. There is no need to download and maintain a separate software; you access it through an online network. It simplifies project management in cloud computing. SaaS software is auto-updated regularly to improve uptime and performance. It is popular due to its lower infrastructure costs.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

In PaaS, a third-party vendor supplies the hardware and software needed to establish a network infrastructure. Even though a company uses the tools to develop its applications, the third-party vendor remains the host. This way, an organization is free from the burden and added cost of installing and maintaining in-office IT hardware. It might seem similar to SaaS due to subscription-based hosting, but there is a fine distinction. A Software Service model provides finished products, while the PaaS provides a software testing and development platform. It has all the resources for Cloud-based Project management in the secure digital arena.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a service provides all the project management cloud's essential elements, such as physical and virtual components. It offers end-to-end solutions for an organization's computing, storage, and networking requirements. IaaS is a cost-effective alternative to an in-house framework since there is no upfront cost. The cloud offers each service as a separate component. It provides complete control over resources through interoperability among all systems.

Advantages of Cloud-based Project Management

Cloud-hosted applications software has the edge over conventional management systems in many ways. Thus, everyone is turning to project management in cloud computing. Some of the advantages of switching to Project Management Cloud are as follows.

Cloud-based Project Management promotes Seamless collaboration

The WFH and hybrid working model have forced the companies to establish a model that can incorporate the needs of remote workers. There must be a single platform for the team members to add their work to ensure they work harmoniously. It will help track the milestones and store all the relevant data accessible in one place. A unified, centralized hub means that everyone can follow the inputs of their members. Consequently, it promotes transparency and reliability. The room for error is next to none.

Cloud-based Project Management is Secure

Security is always a significant concern, especially with high-priority confidential information. Cloud storage is entirely secure with its state-of-the-art security measures. The security features ensure that no one except authorized personnel can access the data. The files may be on the internet but are in a highly encrypted and safe drive. Verified project management cloud systems comply with laws like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in European Union and ADPPA (American Data Privacy and Protection Act) in the States.

Holistic approach

Finally, a Project Management Cloud system eliminates the need to toggle several software applications simultaneously. To ensure the smooth functioning of the affairs, it allows web-based integrations on one platform. You can customize the feed according to your priorities. Moreover, all the services and tools required to carry out a task are accessible at one centralized hub.

Cloud-based Project Management is Affordable

With this software, you get various services at a fraction of the price. You can use it as a pay-as-you-go service or get a stipulated subscription. The setup and infrastructure cost is negligible as the company outsources the business solutions. The company does not have to buy a license or a separate hardware setup. There is no maintenance expense since the third-party vendor is responsible for all the updates and upkeep. The vendor also provides remote tech support, eliminating the need for an in-house IT department.  Most solution providers offer a 30-day free trial option so that you can gauge if they are compatible with your company's needs.

Time- saver

Project management in cloud computing delivers superior results with better turnaround time. Not only it helps to set up milestones ad deadlines for a project, but it also helps the team track their progress. They can calculate the exact time it will take to finish up a deliverable and what they can do to cut that time short. Everyone clearly understands what they have to do and in what time frame. Thus, they can make necessary changes to their schedules. 


Project Management in Cloud Computing is not a new concept. More than half of the companies have already shifted to cloud-hosting services. You can select the application software best suited to your company's needs. Do you want project management cloud services for your software requirements? Do you also want to subscribe to the hardware tools? Many factors will determine the right choice for you. To conclude, despite your choice of cloud-based project management software, you will get a comprehensive set of features that will help you boost the productivity and management of your enterprise.  

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