Track labor costs using Employee Timekeeping software

Jan 19, 2022
Employee productivity, morale, and customer service are at their highest when a team works together and manages their time correctly. However, it suffers when employees do not take project deadlines seriously, are often absent, take leaves, gossip, and cannot manage their time correctly. Pointing out this issue can upset employees and sometimes hurt their feelings. To make things work, time tracking software (aka timekeeping software)  is one of the most effective ways that address human behavior aspects in managing employee time.

What is Timekeeping Software?

When it comes to employee timekeeping, most business owners and managers are in a big dilemma. Although it makes perfect sense from a business point of view, it can feel hostile and restrictive from an employee's perspective. In any case, timekeeping is critical for any business for a variety of reasons. Keeping track of timekeeping is crucial to many HR tasks, but many employees are left to report their shift time on their own. There are two types of time-tracking software. An attendance tracking software is an integrated, FLSA Compliant payroll solutions component or workforce management tool that plays a vital role in managing employee leave absences, accruals, time, and schedule in a user-friendly manner. Whereas, time tracking software is used to track project times where output per hour is more important than shift clock in or out times.  

How Employees Can Play With The Time Tracking System

Employees are the lifeblood of any organization. Still tracking their time using a good timekeeping software like Coexsys becomes mandatory to ensure that they are utilizing their time properly during work hours. The tracker helps with the following:

Unplanned Leaves

Almost every employee will be absent from work from time to time, whether it is for vacation, sick leave, or personal reasons. That is entirely normal and unavoidable. However, with a time-off tracker, an employer or project manager can keep accurate absence and attendance records to process payroll correctly, stay compliant, and plan work schedules. Maintaining precise and updated absence records can offer you clear employee attendance and leaves insights. Also, it helps you instantly recognize when there is a staff shortage.

Project Scheduling

Tracking time while managing projects provides an easy way to keep track of where specific staff and resources are allocated. Besides this, it also helps manage the time that goes off in project scheduling and adjusts teams and resources to achieve a higher level of productivity. A good time-off tracker helps the project manager plan time off in advance and create a timeline accordingly. So, when a project is in progress, the team member or employee can take time off. It is rarely accounted for or reconciled with a task or project timeline. And this is how employee time off enters the realm of project budget hidden costs.

Inadequate System Control

Leave accounting is a complicated subject. Employees are entitled to various types of leaves depending on their job titles, shifts worked, and the nature of their job. As a result, timekeeping software must allow for advanced leave management that is flexible enough to meet the needs of various employees based on the job they hold, the department they belong to, and the shift they work. When leave accounting is not handled correctly, it can lead to ethical or disciplinary issues where employees underreport or fail to report their time off and get away with it.

How to Address the Above Concerns Without Violating Employees' Self Respect or Hurting Them?

Trying to please everyone while keeping your business running efficiently is a challenging task. However, there are simple ways to get a grip on the situation at hand without losing sleep and hurting your employee’s feelings. Discuss the Value of Time Tracking with your team Many employees often get irritated when they think that time tracking is forcibly applied to them. So, instead of making them feel so, get your team on board and be upfront about why they need to track time and what you plan to do with the data. Simply understanding the "why" can go a long way to inspire them to start tracking. Clear Your Intentions Inform your team that you will not use Employee timekeeping software to spy on, micromanage, or judge them. Yes, some nefarious tools will track what people do or take screenshots of their computers. Let's be clear: that's not the point of using tracking software. Go over all of the reasons why time tracking is necessary. This is an excellent opportunity to display some sample reports or invoices and explain why time tracking is critical. Reward Employees for Tracking time This is one of the best things you can do to let your employees use the time off tracker.  When your employees know that they will be rewarded to complete the project within the deadline using a time tracker, they will automatically use it and always look forward to doing so. Educate them on the Advantages of the Software  It is understandable for employees to feel that the company wants to track them due to a lack of trust. Inform them that this is not the case, and time-off tracking will also benefit them. It records all the important data so when they need an emergency leave; there will be no hassle. Most importantly, let them know that the tracking immediately stops outside of working hours, so they do not have anything to be worried about.

Integrating Coexsys Employee Timekeeping Software into Your Workflow

Coexsys understands the significance of detailed leave accounting as part of project management time tracking. Time is the most important aspect of any project, and it is a finite, non-renewable resource. Employee leaves are a type of time that does not add value to the business but is frequently required. Recognizing this, Coexsys created an enterprise-grade module for leaving accounting alone. Installing and using Coexsys is very easy as it involves simple vacation and leaves tracks, allowing you to keep a digital track of sick leaves, short leaves, etc. It also relieves you from having to maintain manual records that are easy to lose. Moreover, if any unforeseen situations may arise where the employee demands overtime pay by claiming that they have put in extra hours, you will have proof to back up the company’s claims.

Track non labor costs

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