Reasons Why to Use Gantt Chart Software For Project Management System

After 15 years of the first Gantt chart was developed in 1896; Henry Gantt created his variation, which started a revolution and bore his name. Many businesses currently make use of Gantt chart software. It is almost flawless for keeping track of work on a timetable and producing a graphical pla ... read more

Benefits of Automated Project Management for Service Sector Organization

Business practices have been evolving, and organizations must keep up to speed. To stay relevant, you need better ways to strategize work. Project management software does that for you. It helps you schedule, organize and prioritize your tasks to complete the project within the scope and set bud ... read more

Addressing Human Behavior Aspects In Managing Employee Time

Human behavioral issue is the most important issue to address to achieve effective project management.  It is the single most prominent reasons as to why projects fail despite of best of technologies, tools and well qualified team members hired for a project. Money and technology alone not addre ... read more

Why a Business Need Project Management Time Tracking

In project management, time plays an important role. If you don’t plan how to execute your project and manage your time, your project will either not be delivered on time or may fail. So, to avoid such scenarios, one of the best ways is to track your project management timings. Project man ... read more

Track labor costs using Employee Timekeeping software

Employee productivity, morale, and customer service are at their highest when a team works together and manages their time correctly. However, it suffers when employees do not take project deadlines seriously, are often absent, take leaves, gossip, and cannot manage their time correctly. Pointin ... read more